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Droid Transfer
Droid Transfer lets you save and print your Android phone SMS. Sync your Android phone with iTunes. View and Transfer your music between your Android Phone and your PC. Wirelessly stream music on your phone through your PC. - Wirelessly copy your photos from your Phone to your PC for safe keeping. View your photos full size on your PC, select and delete photos on your Phone quickly and easily. - Also copies Call Logs, Contacts, Calendars.

Modbus Test Master
Modbus Test Master makes it simple to set up, document and test complex Modbus systems. Create device profiles and specifications, pick and choose registers freely. Define multiple data types, specify units, add scaling and comments. Add as many instances of the devices you have to as many RTU, ASCII or TCP channels as you need. Prefer to see trends of one or multiple sets of values while testing? Modbus Test Master is the solution.

Integration of TCP, UDP, HTTP on network/local for text or file exchanging. Discovery for peers in LAN. Flow script supported for automatic work. Frequent incoming flow can be neglected for anti-flood.

Krelo creates EPub 3.2 compatible documents. You select from a set of templates or create from scratch. You need to add resources such as images,audio or video.You can create xhtml from templates or write your own. You can edit or import xhtml. After adding all the required data and files., you build the project and create the .epub3 file Some of the features in Krelo are unique. You can create as many Books as you wish simultaneously say 5

Oxygen Feedback
A modern comment management platform that provides a simple and efficient way for your community to interact and offer feedback. Its stylish appearance looks great on any website, it is very easy to configure and integrate, and it includes a user-friendly interface and numerous useful features for both Commenters and Administrators. Oxygen Feedback is specialized for technical documentation and can easily be integrated with Oxygen XML Editor.

ENUM Resolver
ENUM Resolver a Electronic NUmber Mapping (ENUM) Lookup utility runs under Windows (Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 2008-2019 Server). ENUM Resolver is freeware.

TekTape is an audio recorder and call detail records (CDR) generator runs under Windows (Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 2008-2019 Server). Visit regularly for updates.

Date,Chat,Meet single people worldwide, livestream with like-minder people

SmartCallMonitor Free
SmartCallMonitor is the easy-to-use calling and monitoring software for TAPI capable hardware like a telephone system or an ISDN card. Use your Outlook contacts for reverse lookup or request automatically an online service. Information will be shown in a clearly arranged datasheet.

Auction Tote Board
Our auction tote board software transforms your PC into a virtual auctioneer tote board using the computer and display you already have. Our auction tote board download is a great way for bidders to easily track auction progress during live auctions. Auction Tote Board features a simple to use mouse and keyboard interface, allowing for fast and easy control of all functions of the computer auction tote board.

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