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Csharp QR Code Generator
Csharp QR Code Generator for project integration helps developers introduce powerful new tools for everything from inventory management to custom ID applications during large conventions. This is an easy-to-use application that enhances your QR code creation and capabilities. You will be able to add customization, text, information in the margins, and direct users to all sorts of digital information based on a widely used code.

TeeChart for .NET
TeeChart for .NET Charting Controls offer complete collection of 60+ Chart types, 50+ financial and statistical indicators and Gauge types for dashboard applications. Support Windows Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Blazor, HTML5 Javascript, WPF and Xamarin iOS, Android & Forms. C# source code is also available as an option of purchase.

Solutions Schedule .NET
Welcome to Solutions Schedule .NET - the industry tested and developer proven choice of snap-in Enterprise Resource Planning and Scheduling component software. There are five primary elements that comprise Solutions Schedule: Gantt style drag drop scheduling area; Multi column Resource List / Tree View; Variable Timeline Ruler; List Item Objects and Appointment related Time Bars for a holistic resource planning user experience (UX).

CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK
CloudTier Storage Tiering SDK provides you a simple solution to develop the cloud archiving software, it allows you to integrate your existing on-premises applications with the remote cloud storage infrastructure in a seamless fashion. Storage Tiering allows you to integrate cloud as second tier with the data storage technique which automatically moves data between high-cost on-permise storage and low-cost remote cloud storage.

EaseFilter Data Protection SDK
EaseFilter Data Protection SDK provides a comprehensive data protection solutions for the sensitive data.The SDK includes the build in encryption driver engine, it can encrypt and decrypt the files transparently with 256 bit AES algorithm; The SDK includes the file access control driver engine, it can prevent the access to sensitive files by unauthorized users or processes; The SDK also includes the file I/O access monitor driver engine.

EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK
EaseFilter Transparent File System Encryption SDK allows you to develop transparent on-access, file level encryption application without the kernel knowledge needed. A transparent encryption filter driver will integrate the encryption or decryption in the read or write IO process in the file system level, without the extra IO it can improve your encryption performance dramatically.

EaseFilter File Encryption On The Go SDK
The file encryption on the go provides file protection at rest, automatically encrypt your file when it was shared, moved or copied from one system or user to another. File encryption on the go can be applied on a file-by-file basis, or applied to all files within a protected folder to specific processes. Protect your files against the unauthorized access, the data was encrypted when the unauthorized processes read your files from the folders.

EaseFilter File System Filter Driver SDK
File system monitor filter can monitor the file system activities on the fly. With file system monitor filter you can monitor the file activities on file system level.File system control filter can control the file activities, which you can intercept the file system call, modify its content before or after the request goes down to the file system, allow/deny/cancel its execution based on the filter rule.

EaseFilter Process Filter Driver SDK
prevent the untrusted executable binaries ( malwares) from being launched, protect your data being damaged by the untrusted processes. It also enables your application to get the callback notification for the process/thread creation or temination, from the new process information you can get the parent process Id and thread Id of the new created process, you also can get the exact file name that is used to open the executable file and the command

CSharp Datatable Excel
CSharp Datatable to Excel offers excellent tailored solutions for database integration into your next project build. You get all the same powerful capabilities of Microsoft Excel without needing resource-heavy third-party applications that often bog down a project or cost your end-users significantly more time and money. This simple application enhances your end product with a datatable exporting capability unique to IronSoftware.

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