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KeroSoft FunnyPaint
KeroSoft FunnyPaint is a simple and fun software program for kids to express themselves by drawing, painting and using the creative elements provided.

The MagicBook
The MagicBook is an electronic coloring book with a twist! Allow children of all ages to develop their computer and artistic skills whilst they are completely absorbed in its fun filled world. At the heart of the program is its unique graphical engine. Unlike any other such software, The MagicBook allows children to use real mediums for painting with, not just a fill bucket tool. You are invited come to The MagicBook website to learn more!

Enchanted Crayon Virtual Colouring Book
The Enchanted Crayon is a virtual colouring book for children age 3 and above. It enables childs contact with a computer. It teaches children how to make a choice and basic computer skills. There are 12 pictures to select from. A child can select a picture for colouring. There is a palette of colours available for colouring.

Kids Preschool Learn Letters
An app, designed especially for young kids (2-4 age group), to lay the groundwork for learning basic skills with the help of fun activities. 10 high-quality activities at a single place, each focusing on a key precept of elementary ABCD. Funny and enticing rewards keep our young learner amused for hours while introducing them to the language. The activities also help build their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and concentration.

Still alot to add, but currently; Sight words for K-2nd grade offered. This program can put these sight words in you my pictures folder so that you can move them to your phone or tablet. to do this click help, save cards. John Whitehouse Solutions feels that every child is capable given the tools; to succeed.

Familoop Safeguard
Most complete and easy Parental Control Software for kids Internet safety, social networks protection, time limits & smart parenting. Good for kids of all ages - and especially for those who need a lot of support in following your rules. Start instantly with age-based Protection Rules. Keep track of all digital activities your kids do on any device, know how long they are online, what they are doing and where they might be running into trouble.

Tell Time for Windows
This easy-to-use software teaches children how to tell time in clock, digital, and 24-hour format. It operates in two modes: Observe/Instruction and Take Test. It also has four levels of instruction. Your child can watch how the clock operates in fast time then switch to Take Test mode to determine how well he/she understands time. It is a small program that runs with minimum memory.

Panda School Browser
Panda School Browser is a browser for children which gives access strictly to a list of pre-approved websites. While running it is also able to completely prevent access to any other application on your computer. Let your kids explore the internet on their own and in complete safety!

The Hat
Just like drawing names from a hat to determine a random order for a group of people or to choose individual random names or pairs of names, complete with cool animation and sound effects. Great for selecting winners of raffles or sweepstakes or for parents or teachers to determine a random, arbitrary order in which to allow kids to do chores or activities.

Classroom Bingo
Classroom Bingo fully automates the delivery of traditional bingo to the classroom. Some key features of this complete bingo solution include ... 1) Create and print unlimited random bingo cards. 2) Customize delivery with 'repeated speech'. 3) Customize the pace of delivery with a selectable 'time delay'. 4) Pause delivery to display delivered 'answers', and confirm winners.

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