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Macintosh Front-end application to configure DOSBox settings for each DOS based game separately. As DOSBox sources are supported the plain DOSBox available from as well as the DOSBox binary included in the Macintosh version of DBGL, which is another DOSBox front-end.

DiagTransfer is a chess position editor (fen/EPD) with special features. Copy diagrams from another program or a web page using a semi-transparent window to overlay the diagram and "trace" the pieces. Change pieces with drag 'n drop and print very high quality diagrams.

GiMeSpace CamControl Gamers Edition
This Program allows you to navigate your game by using your own body as a joystick. You can move your body to the left and right to turn in those directions. And to the front and back to go forwards or backwards. There are many options to calibrate the camera input to optimize the precision of the camera input. This program is developed to have minimum impact on your cpu usage.

Wakuoo is a brand-new gameplay platform that allows you to play mobile games on PC. It comes with multiple Android versions (Android 7 and Android 9 are automatically deployed) and is perfectly compatible with Intel and AMD devices. Wakuoo supports all game sources that are verified by Google Play Store.

TinyMiner EVE Online Mining Bot
TinyMiner is an undetectable, intelligent Eve Online Mining Bot that makes billions of ISK for you totally on AutoPilot!This versatile EVE MINING BOT includes a Market Trading and Assets Hauler module for your items! Your favorite Eve Mining Bot boasts: Gate Mining, Mission Mining, Mining Drones, Local Chat Hostile Detection, Directional Scanner Monitor in Wormholes, Kill Belt Rats, Find Ore Sites, Email Notification & FREE Warp-to-Zero Hauler!

Joy To Mouse
Completely free program designed for people with disabilities who have difficulty using the mouse. Joy To Mouse allows you to use a joystick or joypad as if it were a normal mouse by transferring the operating system movements and clicks. In the 'Options' window, accessible through the icon in the system tray, you can customize the buttons on the joystick and the velocity of movement of the pointer, enable the automatic acceleration.

Program4Pc Photo Editor
Program4Pc Photo Editor is a simple and useful app for smooth photo editing. No special skills are required. Fix color balance, contrast, and brightness issues in seconds. Flip, rotate, crop, and resize your photos as you wish, then save them in any popular format.

iMyFone Anyto Location Changer
iMyFone AnyTo is a computer program that changes GPS location anywhere by creating a virtual location on Android and iOS devices easily. This is useful if you want to hide/fake your location on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, or other social media platforms. This software is also widely used for Pokemon Go spoofing.

Crynet Game Booster
Crynet Game Booster improves your PC performance by suspending unwanted processes and reduce the ram and processor usage to improve the game performance, and after you finished gaming it will automatically restore the suspended programs. unlike the other alternative tools crynet game booster won't kill any processes to gain performance. it also supports automatic boosting when you open a game.

isimSoftware Ism.Image.Client
isimSoftware Ism.Image.Client Image processing software Loading of image formats is supported Documents that are archived can after scanning be reworked. The image Viewer provides a wide range of editing options available. The image viewer is as a single product available, Client is already fully integrated. Organize documents and photos, find it quickly and easily. Based on the given Keywords, categories and you will find the archive

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