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AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner
Just clean up your device to get more space in just few taps within this smart iOS cleaner application on your Windows computer. With AnyMP4 iOS Cleaner, you can easily remove junk/ temporary files, caches, unwanted data and large files, uninstall applications on your iPhone and wipe all the data on your iDevices with 3 erasing levels.

WinLube is the lubricant for every Windows system. This tuning-tool optimizes, cleans and speeds-up your computer and increases its reliability and security. Features: Instant Tuning for fully automatic system optimization, cleanup harddrive and registry, free memory, optimize booting, manage autostart and services, repair broken shortcuts, customize Windows behavior and appearance, configure boot manager

WinSpeedUp is an application that lets you tune and optimize Windows to suit your computing environment and needs. With access to Windows' hidden system options, programs can start faster, unnecessary files can be deleted from your hard drive, Internet and LAN connections will be faster, the sytem start can be accelerated, and your system will be more stable.

RDS Remote Support
With RDS-Remote Support, support agents and Management Service Providers are now fully equipped to assist their remote clients thanks to secure access that grants them control of the clients mouse and keyboard, ability to view files and applications, as well as troubleshoot any problem. For IT professionals who need a simple, affordable and reliable solution for internal maintenance or customer support teams looking after distant customers.

Soft Cleaner
Speed up your slow computer same like the Smartphone speed, automated and assured. Establish strong cyber security.

Is your Mac becoming slow and unresponsive? Has it lost some of the zing it used to have? Are you getting unexpected crashes and errors? Is your Macbook getting hot and the fan running constantly? You need iBoostUp...

PickMeApp Pro
PickMeApp Pro is a unique administrative tool to manage all aspects of the Windows software life cycle: Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, backup, repackaging, removing, relocating, capturing and transferring software with just a few clicks! Support both portable and setup modes. Full CLI for Windows script automation. Build-in repository of free silently installable programs. Create and manage your own application collection.

PickMeApp Relocator
PickMeApp Relocator moves installed programs from one drive to another on the same computer. The Relocator calculates required disk space, identifies application folders that are safe to relocate, moves applications folders to the new destination, cleans up leftover data and confirms application integrity after relocation. The Relocator may undo any unsuccessful relocation and keeps the computer save state throughout the relocation process.

PickMeAppLight is a portable software tool transferring about a million personalized programs from one PC to another. The tool captures an installed program and packages it as a single executable. Then the package may reinstall the original program with its settings on any PC. No changes are made to the original installations. The transfer is fully reversible. PickMeAppLight is based on free PickMeApp Application Manager (

PickMeApp Installer
PickMeApp Installer manages most of aspects of the Windows software life cycle: Discovering, downloading, installing, upgrading, repairing, removing applications with just a few clicks! Build-in repository of 120 free essential silently installable programs. Create and manage your own application collections. Check your applications for supportability by PickMeApp Pro. PickMeApp Installer - a free software updater and application management tool.

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