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RemoteRemoveIE v1.0 is a utility that can uninstall IE10 and IE11 from computers remotely on a network.

Nox Influencer for YouTube
NoxInfluencer is a Free Stats Toolkit for YouTube Channel Management. With NoxInfluencer, You can view any YouTube Channel Stats, YouTubers Rankings, Channel or Video Value Data, do Comparative Analysis. Highlight features: 1. Subscriber, Global & Country Rank 2. NoxScore: 5 dimensions to analyze channel quality 3. Subscribers & Views in the past 30 days 4. Video performance 5. Live sub count 6. YouTube SEO tags

Styled+ for Firefox
but not only classic Customization ... thanks to a completely new interactive feature the Style will pick your desktop wallpaper and will automatically apply the image to the PersonalToolbar, NavigationBar, TabsToolbar, Menubar with a clear not blurry aero effect, with or without a grayscale filter - every time you change the desktop wallpaper you can update the pick&wear feature

ColorsCode for Firefox
For all the Firefox lovers current and next the app is working inside the Firefox profile and all the images and the codes are embedded locally you can customize your browsing experience without any waste of internet bandwidth simply no needs to silently connect to any website data hosting and naturally you can Work Offline keeping your costumization Just use your normal Theme and apply the new 'Colors Code' feature

Dock Styles Series for Styled+
Automatically customize Firefox in few clicks like it was before the Quantum Revolution ! In the ' Dock Styles Series ': 'Neon', 'PhotonDark', 'PhotonNeon', 'Wood', the transparency below the dock makes consistent the bottom of the dock, right there the Personal Toolbar will find place and will appear on hover, alternatively in the same place you will see the extended link of every single tab just hovering on that tab.

Remove IE
Remove Internet Explorer 10 & 11 Quick and Easily!

Amazon Bestsellers bot
This bot will auto select random Amazon bestseller product for you! Extremely fun way to select Amazon product to buy. If you need a present or you dont know what to buy just run this bot ! Highly recommended! This bot was made to help you with your Amazon activity. Forget about annoying presents selecting! Select your Amazon product automatically!

Fast Url Opener
Handy productive tool for opening daily websites. Fast Url opener keeps 75 URLs and opens them easy and fast in any default browser in clicks, one by one. The program can set any of the main web browsers as default browser. It can close a not responding browser as well. Using Fast Url Opener for opening your frequently used websites on a daily basis, along with the default browser, is more productive than using the same browser alone.

Sender bot for Gmail
Auto Send email messages using Gmail with Windows bot This windows application bot will help you to send multiple email messages using Google Gmail. With this bot you can easily spread your word among your email contacts. You can send multiple email messages with SINGLE CLICK! Highly recommended! This bot was made to help you with email activity. Forget about annoying manual message submission! Automate it!

Browser History Spy
All-in-one Browser History Viewer Software

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