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Song Remote
Control your projector from anywhere that you have wifi access to your projector PC. Song Remote was developed with compatibility in mind; by using the web, all you need is a mobile phone, tablet, or computer to control your service.

Videojs time line thumbnails plugin
Get thumbnails preview on the Videojs player's time line out of the box with this state of art plugin that extracts key frames from H264 mp4 on the fly and displays them as still images, so that you do not have to pre generate and store them separately. To generate the thumbnails plugin uses byte-range http requests so your mp4s must be accessible via http.

Time line thumbnails plugin Flowplayer
Time line thumbnails plugin for Flowplayer Flash generates and displays preview images on the players' seek bar when the user however over it. The great thing about it you do not need to prepare and store the thumbnails, the plugin takes care of it by extracting and decoding the key frames from H264 mp4 videos. It downloads meta data and the necessary key frames only using byte-range http requests. Requires your h264 mp4 accessible via http.

You can create good looking customised menus in no time.The menu uses the Windows Shell Commands allowing you to perform actions including the ability to open, edit or print files. Autorun menu on USB keys, DVDs or CDs

ScreenStream lets others 'watch' your screen while you work. It can be used as the modern equivalent of the overhead projector. When you run this program on your computer anyone else on your network (or even the internet) can view what is on your screen by typing the link (and optional access code) into their internet browser. They can continue to watch your screen until you close the program.

isimSoftware CountDown Timer
isimSoftware CountDown Timer isimSoftware countdown timer for Windows, written for show operators by a show operator. Simple intuitive user interface with plenty of options hidden underneath. Displays time remaining, current time and a message to a secondary display. Full network control via a suitable controller. Trigger audio clips at set timer values.

isimsoftware Prompter Software
isimSoftware Prompter Software Prompter Software isimSoftware Prompter Software is a modern and powerful teleprompter / text scroller for Windows. isimSoftware Prompter Software isimSoftware PrompterSoftware, a modern and powerful teleprompter / text scroller for Windows! This program can display a smoothly scrolling text in a resizable or full screen window. For a smooth scrolling experience in a large window,

Multi-user annotating tool: MultiMark allows for multiple users to annotate, draw or highlight on screen; and thus collaborating on the desktop, over any content. Each participant with an attached mouse or connecting from remote with their own device, using the free TeamCONNECT client.

MultiPaint LITE
Have you ever had a need for a collaborative and cooperative digital whiteboard that just needed a solution beyond what those so-called collaboration suites offer? Whether creating, reviewing, or co-deciding, sometimes you need a solution that lets everyone participate at the same time thats why you absolutely need MultiPaint. MultiPaint Pro lets you have up to six users simultaneously and concurrently active in this application, each with

MultiPaint PRO
MultiPaint Pro is a multi-user digital whiteboard drawing application. Conduct sessions together with a group where all participants can interact, each operating their own cursor on screen with their own mouse or utilizing their personal device as mouse onto the host PC. Effective group sessions, fun, everyone involved, reaching joint results quicker. In meeting rooms, in team sessions and in education or at home.

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